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Even More Details!

Phase One - Buy the Land - Complete!


Living Hope now own 2 pieces of land in central baddomalhi.


Size and cost of land we own


i)1 Kinal  =  £8000


ii)1/2Kinal = £4000


Phase Two - Basic School - Current


Now we have begun to work on this phase which was to build 2 teaching rooms, toilets, kitchen, rest room for teachers, dining hall, reception, resource room (computers, books, paper etc), leisure facilities, sewage tank & access to drinking water throughout the building.


We estimate the cost for this would be around £15,000.            


As the number of students will increase every year we will continue to build more classrooms on the upper floor and will gradually improve the leisure facilities through a consultation process (with the children and their families). These extensions are estimated at around £17,000.


Electricity is one of the major problems in Pakistan. We will seek to install solar panels for electricity so that children could have uninterrupted school lessons. This will cost around £45,000      


Phase Three - Secondary education and community centre


Once the work on the school is completed we will start the building work on the second piece of land. This will enable us to promote the school to secondary levels and build a community and technology centre for adult learning, and accommodation for pupils who live a long distance from the school and for gap year students from abroad.


The estimated cost for this phase is £250,000


Phase Four - Extended School


We hope to buy a mini bus and an acre (8 Kinal) of Land for agricultural lessons and leisure facilities. The additional purchase of land will also be used to grow fruit and vegetables to provide the children with a nutritous diet.  Only those with a very good and stable income can afford vegetables and fruit on a regular basis.


This would cost around £65,000

Our Plans

We would like the school to be up and running sooner rather than later, and we know that providing resources for the community without their input and trust is a useless act. We are planning our project in 'Phases' with this in mind


Phase 1 - Buy land COMPLETE


Phase 2 - Basic School


Phase 3 - Secondary and Community centre


Phase 4 - Extended school


We have not set dates on the phases simply because it all depends on your generous donations. The team at Living Hope do this in their spare time voluntarily. However, this does not mean that we are not working hard to raise the money needed!

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