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What are we doing about it?

Our wish is not to transplan an English school into Pakistan. Rather, we desire this school to be made ther own, without infridging on delivering a high standred of education.  

The details

Lessons & Facilities

oAgricultural skills*

oMoney skills*




oMulti -Faith education*

oNative languages*

oBasic first aid*

oSex education & Family planning*

* This is not taught in other schools



(Some available to all local people);






oWildlife garden


Our mission is to maintain a school and community centre for children and their families in Pakistan, in Baddomalhi, Punjab. We want to enable families and the local community to be released from poverty and help them build their own future.


Our aim is to provide a top quality primary education, in order for children to aquire scholarships and good jobs.


We also want to provide a community centre where local people can access resources to help improve their lives.






It has been shown that community schools are often much more effective, as the staff come directly from that community, and the community are able to co-own and take pride in their school. This is exactly what Living Hope aim to achieve, by providing the means for the community of Baddomalhi to create and run their own school. We want to inspire them to create a 'best practice' school, not by telling them how to do it, but by enabling them to discover what works best for their community.





We have bought and built an educational establishment on the outskirts of Baddomalhi, Pakistan, located 35 miles northeast of Lahore, in Narowal. The establishment will provide affordable education for impoverished children in that area.


Major concepts of the establishment;


•To provide a healthy learning environment where all people can develop            

      educationally and socially.

•To help local people learn new skills and work their way out of poverty.

•To help children and young people understand and progress their own culture.

•To help children and young people understand other cultures and learn from


•To provide a safe space where all people of all cultures and faiths are equal.



Further aims;


 To provide children with uniform, books and stationery

 Families pay fees according to their income, lower rates for siblings

     Employing local people

 Linking with Charities in the UK & Worldwide

 Using Gap year students for 1 year teaching placements

  Using sustainable energy – Solar panels, Wind energy, Training local people to

      repair and maintain it

      Self sufficiency – Growing vegetables and herbs, creating compost, keeping

       chickens & goats, earning money through wood work & craft



The services we hope to provide will aim to have a huge impact on the community. The lack of literacy often leads to a lack of knowledge about things such as family planning, healthy eating and general health.

For instance, many people are fearful about contraception, due to a lack of understanding, and end up having many children, which puts financial stress on the parents and community


We hope to have courses available covering health issues, hygiene and sanitation, family planning, parenting skills, healthy eating and basic skills needed in the community such as first aid and growing fruit & veg.


The future

Living Hope seeks to help build better skilled and educated generations in Pakistan. We also hope to become a Christian college where theology will be taught at higher education.


Want more details?

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